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  • 1. How long will it take for you to develop an app?

    The development cycle of an app mostly depends on the features and functions you would want in the app. We also have to keep the framework and technologies in mind before we start the project. A lot of research goes into your competitor’s strategies, target audiences, and target markets as well. After the research is done, it could be between to complete a project.

  • 2. What kind of mobile apps can you develop?

    We have the expertise to develop all kinds of mobile applications for different industries and varying audience requirements. Our developers build everything from entertainment to educational apps.

  • 3. Which platforms do you work on?

    Our developers work on all mobile platforms to develop mobile apps. We keep ourselves updated on the latest technologies used for each platform to ensure that you get the best apps.

  • 4. How do I hire a mobile app developer?

    You can either have our teamwork on building an app or you can hire a mobile app developer through GTP. If you choose to hire a developer, then our hiring models can help you choose a resource-efficient option for your business requirements.

  • 5. How many times can I ask for revisions?

    We aim to provide you with results which perfectly meet your requirements given that there is technology and means to achieve it. This is the reason why we offer unlimited revisions for a project provided the requirements are not constantly altered to change the very nature of the project.

  • 6. Will I have a single point of contact for the project?

    We will assign a representative who would be responsible for sharing regular project updates and coordinating with your company’s requirements to make sure that the project is completed successfully.

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