Hiring dedicated resources were never this simple

  • 1. Tell us your requirements in the inquiry form.
  • 2. Select the best resource for you.
  • 3. Interview the candidate yourself.
  • 4. Pay through secure channels.
  • 5. Our resource is now your employee.
Hiring Model Hourly Part Time Full Time
Duration Hourly Basis 20 Hours/Week 160 Hours/Month
Communication Phone, Chat, Skype, E-mail
Min. Hiring Period 40 Hours 1 Month 1 Month
Project Trackers Daily Reports, Trello, Asana, Basecamp etc.
Methodology Agile Agile Agile

Hire a Dedicated Resource that Suits Your Needs

The GTP Softwares LLP realizes the importance of a perfect model for your business. Our rigorous screening process just selects one for you. We offer you a wide range of recommended candidates from developers in .net, PHP, JS framework, a mobile app which you select one perfect for you.

Special packagesfrom us

Proving the cheapest and richest packages in the market.

Buy a pack ofeverything

GTP Softwares LLP understands that selecting one by one can be irritating. To solve this, we provide a pack of everything with the same richness of quality. This pack allows you to use all of our services for fixed hours. The package can be used for web development, web design, mobile app development, project consultation or digital marketing.

Select Plan and Price

$800 40 hour
$1500 80 Hour
$2100 120 Hour
$2600 160 Hour

Why GTP Softwares LLP?

Web and App Development Solutions keeping your problems in mind

  • Select from one of the best on the globe
  • Combination of low prices and rich quality
  • And among from a great variety of hiring models
  • Latest and fastest technology for your project
  • Highly responsive customer service

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