Using AWS, Azure,
SharePoint and Dynamic CRM

Amazon Web Services

AWS has emerged as the leader in cloud computing solutions. Amazon provides its users with a lot of functionalities and features through its strategic partnerships with well-known IT service providers. Our experience in using AWS for cloud computing goes back to the time when it was just getting started. We leverage this experience to build high-performing solutions which can support your business goals.

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Windows Azure

Windows Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure provides us with a lot of possibilities when it comes to developing cloud apps. But it requires a lot of expertise and sound knowledge of the technologies used in Azure to ensure that the solutions work optimally and involve the least cost. We have worked with many clients who have found Windows Azure to be a choice service for cloud computing.


Windows SharePoint has been one of the oldest platforms for web development and it continues to be the choice for many companies and developers too. Given the several tools it includes and the sound document management system as well as content management system, we find SharePoint to be an excellent platform for many of our projects.

Share Point
Dynamics CRM

Dynamics CRM

For businesses looking for a solution which can improve your lead generation and prospect finding capabilities, Dynamics CRM is known to be an excellent choice. It is considered to be a highly functional and flexible platform which allows you to manage content efficiently. Focused on improving customer experience and in bringing more business for organizations, Dynamics CRM is used by many companies looking for a user-friendly platform.


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